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Living Out The Dream

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Artist Of The Month

I have been blessed By So Many Gospel Groups and Gospel Singers.. That I wanted to start a New Page on here where each month I will Tell you a little about each group, and Post some sound Clips of some of there songs.. I hope you Enjoy and Please Leave me some feedback! I would Love to know what you think of each of the Artist!
I was trying to decide which group I would feature this month, and then I put in this groups cd and It just blessed my mom and I so much that I knew this was the group God wanted me to feature! I had heard about this group from a friend and I was dying to go see them but I just could not ever get to any of their shows but a few months ago I went To a concert to see Ricky Atkinson and Compassion and to my suprise this group was there and I fell in love with them and their music!!!! They blessed me so much that night and I still get a blessing everytime I put their cd in! Oh They have a new cd out now! I can't wait to get it either!!! So This months Featured group is.... Victory Song !!!!

Tracy Jones, Marie Dukes, Jonathan Montgomery

VictorySong is a brand new trio from Valdosta, Ga. South Georgia has long been noted as a stronghold of gospel music talent and this group brings a bunch of that to the table. Each member not only has great singing ability, but they are all very accomplished songwriters, and when you listen to their songs you will realize they are the real thing.
They want to honor God in their lives, and be a standing testimony of what God can do if you are willing to be used by Him. They use the talent He has given them to lift Jesus up.

"God Is Still Good"

"Where Would I Be"

"Old Time Way"

"His Hands Still Heal"

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