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Living Out The Dream

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Fun Facts

My Favorite...

color - Blue and Green
candle scent - Cherry
subject in school - NONE
animal - Audreys Dog Tazi!
hobby - Singing of course! and Traveling
movie - 100th episode of "Touched By An Angel" haha
Singer - Lauren Talley, Natalie Grant, Anthony Johnson, Dedra Henry!
Groups - I have alot so here it goes, The Shadrix trio, Ricky Atkinson and Compassion, The Steeles, Talley Trio, Crabb Family, The Freemans,The Beene Family, The Perrys, The Nelons, I guess I will Stop there haha
song - Right Now, "In Spite Of The Storm", by the Freemans, and "Smile Again" By the Crabb Family
cd - Right Now.. "The Very Best Of the Freemans"
What Cd is in your player now? - Dedra Henry
SongWriter - Ricky Atkinson, Jeff Steele, Gerald Crabb, Dedra Henry, Barry Shadrix!
food - Tacos and Chineses
restaurant - I have Alot.. Zaxbys...Ryans...
cereal - Fruity Pebbles
fast food - Arby's
pizza topping - pepperonie
soft drink - Dr.Pepper
favorite drink (not soft drink) - Water
ice cream - Cookie Dough
candy - Reese's
cookie - Oreos w/ milk, or any kind of cookie dough
vacation spot - anywhere on the beach.. I love the Beach!
non-music-related hobby is - spending time with my family and friends
store - WalMart,Rue 21 and the other new store in the Mall.. Even tho I hate those store too because they only make clothes for Little people!!!!!
perfume/cologne - Hugo and Velocity for Men
hair care product - My Surfer hair stuff