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Living Out The Dream

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About Me

I Am 19 Years Old, I was Saved at the age of 4, in childrens church. I Go to the best Church in the world,Pine Bluff Baptist,Where I sing in the Choir and Young Adult Choral Group!Ever Since I was a Little Boy I have wanted to sing.. At First It was Wanting to Go off to College when I graduated High school and Sing in a Summer Tour Group from the college I went to.. and Then When I got into my teenage years I took some wrong turns in my life and was listening to Rock and Country music and then I wanted to sing Country music and Then When I was about 17, I seen that There was a Gospel concert coming to Albany, Well, The Group was Greater Vision and they were at Byne Baptist.. Well, I had a great time at that concert and The Lord Really Talked to me while I was there and so I started listening to Southern Gospel Music and I got Really big into going to Gospel Concert all over South Ga.. I have been to to Valdosta to many concerts and Moultrie and Tifton, Sylvester, Thomasville, Largange , Columbus.And When I was going to all of those "sings" I came across this Group " The Steeles"  and I started listening to all of there music and I came across a song oneday by them that Bro. Steele had wrote called " For the Sake of the Children" and after listening to that song .. I went in my room and Tore down all the Rock stars poster that were on my wall and sold   all those rock cds.. and Ever Since I have been really involved with Gospel Music I have Felt the Calling of God on my Life to ONLY Sing Songs that Praise Him! Well, I hope That Gives you a Little more insight into my life. As of right now, I am planning on leaving soon to start college and Major in Music.. So Be Praying for me please!